Our Journey as MAXMA Game Studio

MAXMA Game Studio was founded in 2021 by a small group of individuals united by a common passion for the video game business. This team isn’t just about making games; rather, it’s about building a community, one in which healthy competition and open communication are encouraged while respecting the real-world people behind every game character.

At the initial establishment, we began our journey with something extraordinary, a game that will shake and revolutionise the NFT game industry, a strategic turn-based gameplay with the first-ever 2D pixel theme NFT game, “Krypto Fighters.” Our goal is to unlock the full potential of crypto-gaming in revolutionaries of conventional gaming business.


Core Value

Marvellous technology

Attention to detail

eXcellent experience

Meaningful work

Above and beyond

OUR Project

Krypto Fighters is a NFT based 2D pixel themed strategic fighting gameplay. Players can collect, trade, recruit, rent, train, and lead a team of fighters in metaverse. The game will be launched on the Polygon blockchain.